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WisconsinMom   in reply to soulight   on


Soulight, thank you so much for that link to free and low cost dental assistance!  I have forwarded it on to Jenna who said she will start making calls tomorrow.  I don't know who is more excited....Jenna or me!  Thank you!

Talk to WisconsinMom

About WisconsinMom

My plea is for my daughter, Jenna, who needs assistance with medical bills and dental work.  I will be glad to discuss in detail her situation which led up to where she is now.  Just email me through this website .

Briefly, Jenna was in third year of college (pre-med, honor student) when she was diagnosed with Scheurerman's Disease (a spinal condition) that resulted in six discs herniating at once.  She had to drop out of school and began a year of treatment hell; spinal injections, steroids, etc.  All the time she kept up her part-time job working 20 hours a week so she wouldn't lose health insurance.

She no sooner got that under control when she needed surgery for a related condition and suffered from complications from the surgery.  She spent the next two years in and out of the hospital - some hospital stays as long as six weeks - and eventually her COBRA insurance (we paid the premiums for her) expired.  She applied for -and was granted-disability income, but had a total of four months of no insurance.  Her Medicare coverage will be effective 12/1/07.

She is trying to get back on her feet now that her health issues are pretty much taken care of.  However, she has extensive counseling ahead of her (which Medicare will pay) for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and it will be at least another 6 mos to a year before she can return to school and/or work.  We have tapped our finances dry and cannot help with the bills any longer.

Not only has she been diagnosed with PTSD, but her ill health for the past three years has destroyed her teeth and she needs extensive dental work (not covered by Medicare).

If you think you could help, (perhaps you know a dentist in the Seattle area who would be willing to work for free) please contact me.  I'm not sure how to handle any incoming money yet, but had thought of having it be directed to an attorney who could act as an administrator of a trust in Jenna's name so that people can be assured that money goes where it is supposed to - for medical and dental bills.

Talk to WisconsinMom